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   About IAHV

IAHV Peacebuilding

The IAHV Peacebuilding has been set up in June 2013 with the aim to identify, articulate and develop IAHV’s unique expertise and approach to peacebuilding in order to strengthen existing peacebuilding efforts worldwide.

International Association For Human Values

The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) is a non-profit, United Nations-affiliated organisation founded in 1997 in Geneva, Switzerland, by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,the Dalai Lama and other world leaders. Its mission is to build a sustainable and inclusive peace by promoting and supporting the development of human values in both the individual and societies on a global scale.

IAHV cooperates with a full rangeof agencies and stakeholders dedicated to similar goals such as international bodies, NGOs, ruralcommunities, educational institutions, governments and corporations. It operates in special consultative status with theEconomic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN),and actively participates in UN committees and activities related tosocial development, health and conflict resolution.IAHV has been involved in a number of high-profile international projects, such as the Annual Ethics in Business Conferences at the European Parliament, the International Conference on Peace and Reconciliation in South Asia, and the World Bank Institute's Leadership for Development program.

IAHV is registeredas an association under Swiss law, with headquarters in Geneva.IAHV Switzerland is the umbrella organisation for 17 national andthree regional IAHV organisations.

At an implementation level, IAHV works hand-in hand with one of its sister organisations, the Art of Living (AOL) Foundation. The AOL Foundation has more than 2 200 centres in 144 countries across the globe and offers a number of renowned programs in stress management using practical breathing tools. Having benefited 20 million+ people worldwide with their joint programs to create a stress-free and violence free society, IAHV and AoL are among the biggest volunteer organisations in the world.

What are Human Values?

As the transforming forces of globalisation extendtheir reach to the remotest corners of the world, there is a growingneed to refocus on the identity of humanity as a whole and build uponthe common resources available to human society to achieve peace, progress and fulfillment for all.IAHV encourages that people will continue to celebrate their distinct traditions, but also recognizes that there are a number of shared principles that if incorporated into everyday life, can ultimately lead to the development of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. Revitalising and nurturing human values in people’s lives and our societies isthe foundation of IAHV’s global activities.

The Universal Declaration of Human Values proposed by IAHVFounder, H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, describes human values as thoseattributes and qualities that are at the very heart of humanity, including:

  • Compassion and a deep caring for all life
  • Non-violence
  • A feeling of belonging and oneness with all life
  • An eco-friendly attitude and caring for the planet
  • Integrity, sincerity and honesty
  • Service to society
  • The innate dignity of human life
  • Respect and consideration for others
  • The individual and collective quest for peace and happiness

Affiliations & Recognition

  • In special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC
  • Member, UN Health Committee, New York; NGO Forum for Health, Geneva; National Association of Women’s Organisations, Uganda; German NGO Forum World Social Summit; UN Global Compact
  • In 2008, IAHV received the “Best in America Seal of Excellence” from the Human Care Charities of America.
  Latest News

IAHV Peacebuilding has been established in June 2013, with the aim to identify, articulate and develop IAHV's unique expertise and approach to peacebuilding in order to strengthen existing peacebuilding efforts worldwide.


"Non-violence, friendliness and cooperation must come to be recognized as the new norm, as hallmarks of today’s true hero. Moreover, a sense of pride must be kindled in connection with these qualities, instead of with violence and aggression."

(Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)
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