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   Who We Are

Within IAHV we believe that the quality of our peacebuilding work is reflective of our self-understanding, our capacity to perceive clearly and our outlook on the world. Therefore we attach great importance to human development next to professional skills.

Some of the qualities we look for in our core people:

  • Combination of humanity and professionalism, quality and skills
  • Grasping complexity and holding it simultaneously with simplicity; integrate complexity and simplicity in thinking and practice
  • Self-knowledge and inherently motivated towards personal development
  • Clarity of mind and sharp observation skills
  • Compassion for people and deep motivation for peace
  • Creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, committed


Dr. Katrien Hertog

Dr. Katrien Hertog is a peacebuilding researcher, trainer and practitioner with 15 years of experience in the academic and non-governmental sector. She has a MA in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford and a PhD from the Centre for Peace Research at the University of Leuven. Thanks to her book "The Complex Reality of Religious Peacebuilding: Conceptual Contributions and Critical Analysis" (Lexington, 2010), she has become an international reference and resource on religious peacebuilding.Dr. Hertog has worked as project managerfor different peacebuilding INGO's and as Senior Peacebuilding Trainer and Facilitator at International Alert. As a trainer in peacebuilding, rehabilitation, stress management and capacity development, she has trained 1000+ people, including UN and EU personnel, Dutch and UK government, NGO's and CSO's, students, journalists, refugees and prisoners.

Currently she is Director of the internationally renowned prisoner rehabilitation program Prison SMART for Europe and independent consultant trainer and researcher. Her working experience has mainly been in the Middle East, Asia and Russia / North Caucasus

Iman Mutlaq
Women Empowerment

Iman Mutlaq is a self-made entrepreneur and dynamic leader. As the CEO of Ingot brokers SA, Ms. Mutlaq started and grew her small business into a multinational company with offices across three continents in just a few years. Outside her professional career Ms. Mutlaq has a passion for helping and serving others, which she does amongst others as President of IAHV in the Middle East. Inspired and driven with a passion for women empowerment, Ms Mutlaq has put her multi-fold talents into the development and management of large projects, trainings and organisational development in order to advance the well-being, quality of life and leadership skills of women and men in the Middle East.

Rajita Kulkarni

A banker by profession for over 18 years, Rajita Kulkarni has held leadership positions across diverse functions throughout her illustrious career. In 2010, Rajita gave up her banking career to further deepen her commitment to the service projects of IAHV and its sister concerns. As one of the International Program Directors of the Transformational Leadership for Excellence (TLEX) workshop for IAHV, Rajita has facilitated numerous workshops internationally. She has traveled around the world teaching leaders (including Heads of States, Governors, Mayors, Youth Leaders, CEOs) from over 40 countries how to rid themselves of their stress and live a healthy happy life. Rajita is currently also the President of the World Forum for Ethics in Business.

Deepali Patel
Youth Leadership Training Programs

Inspired to do something more for society, Deepali Patel left her sales career to become a full time trainer for IAHV in 2002. After training and conducting youth leadership programs in the North-East of India (Nagaland, Manipur, and Assam) she moved on to Africa in 2005. While conducting the YLTP, she introduced organic farming in Cameroon, conducted successful peace reconciliation programs in Ivory Coast, set up cleaning programs in Guinea and many others in Gabon, Burkina Faso and Senegal. Deepali is currently based in France.

Shailen Mittal
Project Support / Communications

Shailen Mittal volunteers his time for communication, fundraising and project support for IAHV Peacebuilding and IAHV UK. Coming from a family of helping individuals, Shailen is deeply committed to the vision of a stress-free and violence-free society and inspired to help people overcome stressful situations. Being a problem solver by heart, he believes in the practical solution that peace starts from within and peaceful individuals create a safe, prosperous and successful society. Based out of London, Shailen currently heads the exports division for a global food company after a decade of entrepreneurial experience in the arena of international design and trade of fashion accessories. By academic qualifications, he is an ex-Dipsite, a Business Graduate from University of Delhi and holds a Masters in International Business from the renowned Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Loving history and ancient civilisations, he has travelled varied corners of the world and is fluent in 5 languages.


Ari Kushner
Program & Communications Officer

Ari Kushner is currently pursuing his passions for peacebuilding and philanthropy as an MSc at London School of Economics in London and pro bono Program and Communications Officer at IAHV Peacebuilding. Most recently, Ari supported the activities of the Polyphony Foundation, which seeks to bridge the divide among Arabs and Jews in Israel through the unique power of music. There, he worked with the Board and Staff to increase fundraising effectiveness and support best practices in nonprofit organization management. Ari is former President of The Spruce Foundation, which empowers economically disadvantaged youth and cultivates the next generation of philanthropists and charitable-minded leaders in Philadelphia. Ari is the former Director for Friends of Ofanim, an organization that raises awareness and funds to educate students in Israel's remote periphery by converting buses into high-tech mobile classrooms. He currently sits on the boards of both organizations. 

John Paul Lederach
Global Advisor

John Paul Lederach is one of the best and most widely known peacebuilding authors and practitioners in the world. Consistently emphasizing a human approach to his work in conflict transformation, Lederach has designed and conducted trainings in 25 countries, across 5 continents including South America, Asia, and Africa. Lederach’s framework for peacebuilding is founded upon three pillars: peacebuilding must be inclusive across all levels of society; peacebuilding must link short-term goals to a long-term vision of interdependence between people and groups; peacebuilding must balance critical issues with structural conditions. Lederach’s peacebuilding framework places him at the forefront of human-oriented approaches to sustainable peacebuilding. His deep and honest, reflective practice calls upon everyone in the peacebuilding field to be critical about the difference we make in people’s lives and how we do that. For more information, please click here for a full bio.  

Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
Global Advisor

Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen is an extra-ordinary peacebuilder and human being, and co-founder and Director of the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR). He is an international expert in mediation and peace processes, systemic peacebuilding, design and implementation of early warning and operational and structural prevention, post war recovery, Strategic Conflict Analysis (SCA), Cumulative Impact and Needs Assessments (CINA) and policies and proposals for improving peacebuilding and peacemaking practice, effectiveness and impact. He consults for governments, foreign ministries, and international and national organizations, including as an advisor to the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), UN country missions, and the All Party Parliamentary Working Group (APPG) on Conflict Issues of the British Parliament. For more information, please click for a full bio here.

Nina Noorali
IAHV Peacebuilding Brussels, Program Development Manager

Born and brought up in the Democratic Rep of Congo (D.R.C.), Nina Noorali has spent 17 years moving to different countries pursuing her career as a life insurance actuary. Not long into that field did she feel the call for more human values and deeper meaning to her life. After taking few sabbaticals to do volunteer work in India, she became a yoga teacher in 2008 and an IAHV trainer in 2009, actively working in South Africa right after her graduation. She focused her efforts on prison rehabilitation programs as well as working in townships to bring joy and stress release to child earners. She initiated stress release workshps in the D.R.C. between 2009 and 2010, reaching out to different sectors of society and mainly NGO workers, including the UN, who were overwhelmed by the political upheaval and difficult environment.

Nina is in charge of program development within IAHV Peacebuilding, based out of Brussels, Belgium.

Team members to be added soon
  Latest News

IAHV Peacebuilding has been established in June 2013, with the aim to identify, articulate and develop IAHV's unique expertise and approach to peacebuilding in order to strengthen existing peacebuilding efforts worldwide.

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